Reshare's founders

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What if owning things was no longer important? What if those expensive items that are hard to find, can be available to you now, at your fingertips? What if that investment you have already made can be used to pay for those things you can’t afford to own?

The story of Reshare all began 3 years ago when Kelly was talking to her roommate at that time about how she was so frustrated at having no space for things that she wanted to buy. Living in a tiny Southbank apartment she and her housemate could only fit in some bare essentials. One day she needed a food processor and she knew that one of her neighbour would have one, but was too shy to ask. At that time, she wished there was a system or something that would allow her to exchange or rent things from someone in the same building. That simple idea grew until a year ago when the couple decided to turn it into a reality

They invested all their savings to build an app – now called ReShare, which is the first of its kind in Australia allowing people to rent almost anything from anyone. 

How does ReShare work?

The app allows people to source the items they need from their community. At the same time, it benefits others who want to monetise their unused items. It works like AirBnB but for everyday items. We are so privileged to have such high living standards in Australia and people can buy anything easily nowadays. However, people are not always aware that buying new is consuming our limited natural resources and adding more waste into the environment. It doesn’t make sense for someone to spend thousands to own a trailer when they only need it once or twice.  

How is ReShare different to other rental companies?

With Reshare, we don’t own the items. We are matching people who have spare items they don’t use with people that need them but may not want to own them. 

Traditional rental companies typically require the borrower to leave quite a large cash deposit in case an item is broken, lost or stolen. Likewise, equipment-sharing websites that don’t require a deposit can be perceived as too risky for the lender. ReShare allows lenders to decide the deposit value which is held from borrowers themselves to cover the unlikely case that their item is lost or damaged. 

To further manage the risk, ReShare requires users to submit their IDs before they can borrow anything on the platform.

What kind of items you expect to find on ReShare?

Pretty much anything you see in your house can be offered for rent. From everyday household items to random things such as an Alpaca, people can list anything that they are comfortable with sharing with strangers. Businesses can list their items for rent on the platform also and of course there are certain things that are not allowed such as sexually explicit or illegal materials.

What’s the benefit of using ReShare?

It can be financially motivating as borrowers do not need to spend big bucks for things that they don’t use regularly and for lenders, they can make money from things that are lying around their house without putting in much effort. 

Our big picture philosophy is to help people make a positive impact on our environment. By sharing items, people will help avoid others needing to buy new things, in turn reducing the volume of material going into waste and landfill. And by renting the item from others instead of buying new, demand for new items will be reduced and factories won’t have to produce as much material. The United Nations estimates that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the ocean. We’re even learning that plastic contributes to global warming when it degrades in the environment. We at Reshare want to make a difference and we want to effortlessly allow people to make their own positive impact. It is a good feeling.