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Learn about borrowing

Reshare for everyone

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    Find almost anything to rent on ReShare. Explore for the perfect item for your next getaway, renovation or social outing.
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    Making a booking is easy. Book for 1 day or 1 month, however it suits you. You can cancel for free up to 24 hours before the pick up time.
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    Easy Pick up and Drop off

    Options to pick up the item from a safe spot or meet the lender in person, makes the whole process a breeze.
  • Leave review

    Leave a review about your experience and the lender can leave feedback also. 2 way reviews provide a better experience for everyone on ReShare

Get our app

ReShare app is now available to download from both Google Play Store and App Store.


Borrowing, a fraction of the cost

When it comes to the bottom line, we all like to save money right? Thats exactly how we can help. For example, if you wanted to go camping for a one off experience and had to buy all the equipment for that weekend, you would be up for hundreds of dollars. Instead you can rent quality equipment from reputable lenders on our platform for a fraction of the cost – it’s a no brainer.

Get inspired by what you can borrow

You will be surpirsed at what you can discover on our platform. There are all kinds of things that our Lenders are willing to share, all of which is available to you to experience. So whatever gets you moving, striving, learning or earning, get inspired by what you can borrow on ReShare.

Be a do-er, not a hoarder

Don’t clutter your house or garage with things you rarely use, break free from owning every kind of thing by borrowing the items you only need every now and then. Borrowing on our patform is really easy; simply search what you need, book it, use it, then return and leave a review. So get out there and try new things, dont buy everything!

Public reviews to enhance trust

All our Lenders on ReShare have had their account authenticated and also have a public profile. ReShares’ review system allows other borrowers to provide feedback to rate their experience with the Lender and their item. This means you can see what other users have thought about their experience before you book an item.

Sharing is better for your community and our planet

In our changing world, now is the time to share our resources, rather than taking more from our planet for our personal material wealth. That’s why sharing or borrowing your item just one time means that this item did not need to be newly created and you or another person did not have to buy that item for a once-off use. That’s a big win for our planet in our fight to reduce consumption and re-use what we already have. At ReShare we are passionate about our planet’s health and that’s why a significant portion of our profits go towards re-planting of native tree species where it’s needed in Australia. Watch this space to see updates of our latest revegetation and rewilding projects.