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Reshare for everyone

Earn money for things you don't use

How often do you use your camping tent, painting trestle or bain marie? Your household is full of things that can earn money through sharing, and listing and managing your item is easy with Reshare. Once you have created your profile, list as many or as little items as you like. You will be surprised at what people in your community are looking to borrow, and you can recover the cost of your item by sharing it with others.

You are in total control

Your listing ad is for you to manage, you set the price, choose who borrows your item or when it is available for sharing. If you think your item is in high demand or needs a few more photos, no problem, you can adjust the price and edit the listing whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Payments are simple

The price you get paid for your listing is up to you. We charge the borrower the rental price and the required deposit you decide when you accept the booking application. We release the payment to you as soon as the booking is completed via direct bank deposit or paypal. Our booking fees are low, we take just 15% of the total charge to keep our site up and running, and the remainder goes straight to you.

Your item is safe with us

In addition to the borrowing charge, the required deposit that you specify for your listing gets pre-authorised from the borrower. In the case that any damage occurs to your item, you can easily submit a claim (refer to ‘Required Deposit’ for more information) and the cost of replacement/repair is deducted from the borrowers deposit. In addition, our Reshare platform has a user review system that is submitted by other users’ experiences. You can use this tool to screen out potential borrower profiles with a low rating. For higher value items, we recommend ensuring you have your own Home and Contents insurance and you have updated your policy to ensure the items you wish to share are covered for other people use.

Sharing is better for your community and our planet

In our changing world, now is the time to share our resources, rather than taking more from our planet for our personal material wealth. That’s why sharing or borrowing your item just one time means that this item did not need to be newly created and you or another person did not have to buy that item for a once-off use. That’s a big win for our planet in our fight to reduce consumption and re-use what we already have. At ReShare we are passionate about our planet’s health and that’s why a significant portion of our profits go towards re-planting of native tree species where it’s needed in Australia. Watch this space to see updates of our latest revegetation and rewilding projects.